Nanosept and Nanosept Aqua: new generation disinfectants for home usage

Bacterial or fungal species can occur not only in hospitals, but also in our home environment, against which it is worthwhile to protect ourselves with the most effective disinfection. Although these infections are not common, they can be all the more dangerous. An example is the bacterium Legionella, which can be present in whirlpools, fountains, sprayers, or garden sprinkles, but also in the water of poorly maintained and uncleaned air conditioners. The bacterium can even cause a fatal infection, so if you use air conditioners, it is worthwhile to minimize the risk of developing an infection. In addition to Legionella, several species of bacteria and fungi that even settle in our homes can cause even milder or more serious diseases. If we want a long-term and effective solution for disinfecting our home spaces, it is worth trying modern disinfectants based on the latest technology and now available to the public.