An essential element of the company’s business policy is to be able to provide our products and services at optimal competitive prices and at a high standard, while meeting commitment deadlines.

The business value of the company is the quality of our products and services, the knowledge and professional experience of the company’s specialists.

We constantly monitor changes in market needs, technologies and techniques at conferences, exhibitions, the internet, and our specialists participate in professional trainings. The information obtained in this way is fed back into our processes, thus ensuring that our products and services are up to date.

We want to increase the satisfaction of our customers – true to our traditions – with more and more comprehensive services related to our products.

An integral part of Nanobakt Ltd.’s business policy is the protection of the health, safety, material and intellectual property of our employees, quality assurance so that we can produce high quality and reliable products economically and so that we can meet the current quality needs of customers. In addition we also aim at maintaining and increasing our competitiveness complying with all environmental protection laws and regulations.

Health, safety and property policy

Our main principle is security.

An integral part of our business policy is the protection of the health and safety of our employees and their material and intellectual property.

We conduct ongoing risk assessments of our activities to identify sources of hazard. We provide trainings to ensure that our defence policies are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization. We provide our employees with professional and security knowledge appropriate to their job and involve them in the formulation of our objectives.

In addition to complying with technical and occupational safety measures and fire protection regulations, it is extremely important for us to have a high standard of personal protective equipment and fire protection equipment.

Our job is to provide our employees with a work environment where they can harness their skills and abilities for business and self-protection.

Quality assurance policy

Our goal is the economical production of high-quality, reliable products, which satisfies the current quality needs of users, serves their satisfaction and retains them.

With continuous quality improvement, we want to gain and maintain the trust of our partners and increase our competitiveness.

All our employees are responsible for the quality and continuous improvement of their own work. With our measures we strive to ensure the current personal and material conditions at a level that provides a suitable background for quality work as a result of an economical operation.

In order to meet customer expectations, we also operate our own laboratory, where we perform quality tests on our products, so we can guarantee their compliance as well as continuously improve their quality.

Environmental policy

We believe that it is our duty to protect our environment, so our environmental improvements are an essential part of efficient and effective business management.

The application of environmental laws and regulations play a leading role in our operation, and we continuously evaluate, control and review the environmental impacts of our activities.

We strive for the economical use and substitution of natural resources and materials, and we continuously encourage and train our employees to perform their duties in accordance with this policy.

In our environmental policy, we have set ourselves the goals of prevention, responsible care and full compliance.