The NANOSEPT® product family is a new generation of modern disinfectants produced with nanotechnology. NANOSEPT® is a complex system. Non-ionic surfactants have a cleansing effect, while active oxygen has an immediate antimicrobial effect on surfaces and solutions in a very wide spectrum. This antimicrobial effect is spread over time by the silver particles for up to several days, which is confirmed by laboratory tests.

Our products suitable for general surface and tool disinfection are NANOSEPT® (scented) and NANOSEPT® AQUA (odorless). The two products have the same composition except for the fragrance additive.

We recommend NANOSEPT® AQUA SUPER (ADR) for professional use, industrial and industrial applications. We sell this product exclusively to resellers and professional users and cannot be ordered by private individuals.

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  • In addition to personal collection, it is possible to deliver by courier service / Special Freight / Groupage Freight.
  • In the case of products covered by ADR, the transport takes place in accordance with the regulations.
  • If you buy a Nanosept Aqua Super product, we can only send the 1 kg package by courier service.


  • Deposit-bearing packages will be redeemed during the ADR validity period of the balloon, within 2 years of manufacture.
  • A handling and cleaning fee will be charged for used, returned containers.

Validity: from 23.03.2020 until revoked