NANOSEPT® AQUA SUPER is a new generation of modern disinfectants produced with nanotechnology. NANOSEPT® AQUA SUPER is a complex system. Hydrogen peroxide has an immediate antimicrobial effect in water over a very wide spectrum. This antimicrobial effect is spread over time by the silver particles for up to several days, which is confirmed by laboratory tests. It is an aldehyde- and chlorine-free disinfectant.

NANOSEPT® AQUA SUPER is a high-potency disinfectant concentrate developed for comprehensive, professional disinfection of infrastructures, institutions, industrial facilities and plants. We do not sell it to households.


1 kg bottle, 5 and 20 kg cans


hydrogen peroxide 45%

silver colloid <0.05%

Physical and chemical properties:

Colorless, translucent, clear, odorless liquid

pH at 20 ° C: 2.5-4.0

Antimicrobial spectrum:

algicide, bactericide (also kills MRSA), fungicide, sporicide, tuberculocide, virucid


Use at the appropriate dilution to achieve the desired effect.

Excellent as a disinfectant:

  • water mains, tanks, water bodies,
  • swimming pools,
  • beverage bottlers,
  • industrial water (eg cosmetics industry, glass production),
  • cooling water treatment / energy,
  • animal husbandry

NANOSEPT AQUA SUPER is a product covered by ADR!

Application concentration and exposure information »

Nanosept aqua super
Nanosept aqua super 20l

Dilution suggestions:

  • animal husbandry:
  • feed water disinfection 15-22 ml / m3 water
  • plumbing, tanks, water objects: for 1 kg Nanosept® Aqua Super 900-1.000 l of water, the aqueous solution is left to stand for 24 hours to achieve the desired effect
  • swimming pools:
  • pool water: 1 kg Nanosept® Aqua Super for 45,000 l of water
  • pool wall: after cleaning the wall, spray with a mixture of 1 kg Nanosept® Aqua Super and 7 l water, pull off with a water shovel and let stand for 24 hours
  • beverage bottles: 1 kg Nanosept® Aqua Super and 1,000 l aqueous solution, leave to stand for 24 hours
  • industrial water: 10-20 ml Nanosept® Aqua Super for 1 m3 of water
  • cooling water treatment: 10-20 ml Nanosept® Aqua Super for 1 m3 of water

The above dilutions are suggestions for general conditions, individual applications may vary.


Do not mix with other cleaning agents or disinfectants. Cleaning the surface before application increases the efficiency of disinfection. Nanosept® Aqua Super can cause discoloration on surfaces, so it is advisable to perform a test before use.

Waste management:

Rinse empty packaging with water and dispose of as municipal waste.

Storage: Store the properly closed bottle / can in a cool place protected from light and heat.

Warranty: 18 months

ÁNTSZ License:

1928-2 / 2019 / KTEF. Microbiological tests were performed by the National Epidemiological Center.

Manufacturer and Distributor:

Nanobakt Kft., 1031 Budapest, Drótos u. 1.,

Phone: +36 20 292 9297 – Fax: 36 1 242 1391 – E-mail: