Professional use

Get to know the NANOSEPT® product family that brings the research results of renowned Hungarian universities and research institutes to many areas of professional disinfection!

Our experts provide a full range of services in the areas of survey, consulting, planning and monitoring, with many years of experience. We look forward to hearing from you to compile disinfection plans tailored to your company’s needs!

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Surface disinfection

For a detailed description, please read our brochure: Surface disinfection with NANOSEPT® »

Water purification

NANOSEPT® products have been used for many years by mineral water and cosmetics manufacturers to disinfect wells and production systems with excellent results. NANOSEPT® is a partner of Budapest Gyógyfürdői és Hévizei Zrt. in chlorine-free, long-term disinfection.

Agriculture, food industry

Nanosept products are used by their partners in many areas of agriculture. Please contact our colleagues with specific questions.

Example: Eggshell disinfection with Nanosept »


Nosocomial infections, multidrug-resistant bacteria, and the coronavirus are just a few examples of the most significant infection challenges in healthcare. Due to its bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effects, NANOSEPT® can be a long-term solution to many problems. NANOSEPT® is a strategic partner of Istenhegyi Genediagnostic Centre, one of the largest prenatal and genetic diagnostics centers in Hungary.

Disinfection of buildings and public premises

In building maintenance, surfaces and air-conditioning systems, public transport and the huge number of contact surfaces in their public spaces pose a significant challenge in everyday life, especially in relation to the coronavirus epidemic.

NANOSEPT® mist disinfection and nanosilver cleaning of industrial air conditioning systems can be a lasting solution to many problems.

Contact our experts for personalized advice or contact information for our strategic partners in the areas of nanosilver fogging or building maintenance.

Home use

Although NANOSEPT® products have been developed for industry, with due care, they are also an excellent solution for the general public if you are looking for a chlorine-free, long-acting bacterial, fungal and antiviral disinfectant for your home surfaces, air conditioning system or swimming pool, among others.

Surface disinfection

Tile surfaces (bathrooms, kitchens, restrooms), handles, washbasins, toilet surfaces, pet environments, washable floor and wall surfaces, equipment, incubators, solariums, air conditioners can be effectively disinfected with NANOSEPT®.

Thanks to the silver colloidal composition of NANOSEPT®, you can disinfect hygienically, quickly and immediately. It provides an effective solution for disinfecting wet rooms where pathogens most often settle, as stagnant water, humid, humid air and dirt in smaller cavities provide an excellent breeding ground for the growth of viruses, fungi and bacteria. Regular cleaning and disinfection of these rooms is therefore of paramount importance.

  • Regular wiping of washable floor and wall surfaces and ceramic tiles with NANOSEPT® helps to maintain the hygiene of the room, by washing the tiles with NANOSEPT® we can also permanently remove the mold that has settled in the joints and cracks.
  • NANOSEPT®-soaked wipes can be used to disinfect handles, clothes dryers, pins, etc.
  • NANOSEPT® can be used to disinfect toilet bowls, washbasins, bathtubs, drains and overflow pipes, and to prevent the transmission of pathogens from these surfaces, it is recommended to clean the inside of the toilet bowl regularly with NANOSEPT® disinfectant. Cleaning the underside is also essential!
  • Disinfect small items by soaking in NANOSEPT® disinfectant. Let the NANOSEPT® work for 1-2 minutes, then rinse the cleaned objects thoroughly.
  • The mop bucket and mop cloth will be clean by adding diluted NANOSEPT® disinfectant to the bucket, adding the cloth, soaking for 10 minutes, and then rinsing with clean water.

Performing surface disinfection

NANOSEPT® disinfectant can be used as a concentrate or in diluted form. When diluting, the solution should always be prepared immediately before use. The effect of disinfection is increased if the surfaces are pre-cleaned of contaminants on them.

Spray the surface gently with the nozzle and allow to dry. The active oxygen released on the surface disinfects quickly and efficiently, while the silver particles remaining after drying exert a long-lasting disinfecting effect on the surface.

The disinfectant containing silver particles can also be easily applied to the surface with a sponge, brush or other suitable device. It is advisable to apply the product to hard-to-reach surfaces to be disinfected by means of a spray nozzle and to allow it to dry on the surface after the exposure time has elapsed.

It is important that in the case of food contact surfaces, the surface must always be rinsed with clean water.

Air conditioner disinfection

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Pool cleaning

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