Personal collection

According to the current regulations, some of our company’s products do not qualify as dangerous goods covered by ADR during transport, but this does not mean that they do not have dangerous properties, so the products must be observed during their handling (transport, storage, use). instructions in your safety data sheet!

Some of the products sold by our company are classified as dangerous goods and are subject to ADR, but are exempt (can be transported in limited quantities (LQ – Limited Quantity)), so please proceed carefully during the handling, transport, storage and use of the goods.

We ensure the availability of the documents accompanying our products for all our customers!

Transferable products

All our products are available in our warehouse, but only the following products can be picked up at our headquarters:

Product name Packaging unit Maximum quantity that can be purchased
NANOSEPT® 1 kg 6 x 1 kg
NANOSEPT® AQUA 1 kg 6 x 1 kg
NANOSEPT® AQUA SUPER 1 kg 6 x 1 kg

Please ask for information about our currently available stocks in advance at the following telephone number: +36 1 242 1390 or +36 20 29 29 29 7, our colleagues are happy to provide information!


Personal collection is possible at the following address and time:

  • At ou headquarters: 1031 Budapest, Drótos utca 1., Hungary

    • Monday – Thursday: 8:30 – 15:30
    • Friday: 8:30 – 15:00


  • In our stock: 6760 Kistelek, Nagyszéktói út 11., at the time agreed in advance by us.


At our headquarters, in case of personal receipt, only cash payment method is possible.


All products are available in our stock, we can serve smaller orders through our suppliers, larger volume orders (from pallets) from our warehouse, in person, at times confirmed by us. We serve our partners flexibly and quickly, with pre-prepared and prepared documents, and goods, with delivery dates specified in time zones.