Our colleagues, in terms of delivery cost, method and time, select and organize the delivery of goods according to the needs of our Customers. Our company can only start arranging the delivery after receiving an approved order confirmation.

Mode of transport

The delivery of the ordered goods is done by third partners. Our authorized partners include courier service, group collection transport, and a partner dealing with special transport.

In order to make optimal use of the transport capacities, the delivery of the products included in the orders is determined depending on their type, quantity, packaging units, and the maximum load of the packaging with a certain weight.

The transport lasts until it is unloaded behind the truck, the storage of the goods in the warehouse is already the responsibility of our Customers.

Delivery time

Our partners dealing with the expected delivery and arrival time of the goods included in our order confirmation undertake the delivery to our Customers in different ways.

Delivery tracking, status

If the goods do not arrive at the time of their expected arrival in the order confirmation, you can refer to the package number accompanying the goods via the website of the authorized carrier included in the confirmation (courier service, in case of groupage) or inquire via customer service (Courier) or call +36 20 29 29 29 7, where our colleagues will be happy to provide information. In this case, it is sufficient to refer to the registration number of the order and our colleagues can check the identification number accompanying the goods, inform the Carrier of the problem with the receipt, and request information about the status of the shipment.

Domestic shipping costs are determined by the net loading weight of 1 package.

Foreign shipping costs are always determined on an individual basis, varying from country to country.

Delivery by courier service

Delivery by courier is possible under the following conditions:

Product name Packaging unit
Maximum delivery quantity per pack Other
Nanosept 1 kg 18 db
Nanosept Aqua 1 kg 18 db
Nanosept Aqua Super 1 kg 18 db LQ*delivery
Nanosept 5 kg 4 db
Nanosept Aqua 5 kg 4 db
Nanosept 20 kg 1 db
Nanosept Aqua 20 kg 1 db

Shipping costs

Net packing weight of 1 package (kg) Net shipping cost (HUF)
1-6 kg 1.790
7- 20 kg 2.990

In case of delivery according to LQ, an additional handling fee of HUF 500 + VAT will be charged for the delivery cost per package.

In the case of delivery by courier service, if 1 package of goods is ordered in excess of a certain, maximum deliverable quantity, it will be delivered in several packages, so the delivery costs will be invoiced per package, depending on the filling weights.

In order to optimize costs, instead of delivering by courier, we may recommend delivery by our groupage partner.


The delivery is accompanied by the documents recording the gross weight of the package, certifying delivery and receipt, the documents belonging to the contents of the package are placed inside the package.

If a delivery note is required for the customer for the certified delivery and delivery of the contents of the package, at the request of the customer, it is possible to provide a delivery note as a surcharge service, in case of document management, 1000 HUF + VAT handling fee will be charged per package.


  • door-to-door delivery;
  • parcel delivery on working days from 8 am to 5 pm;
  • free second delivery attempt;
  • for a call center recipient from 07:00 to 20:00,
  • package status can be tracked

Other surcharge services

For other surcharge services provided by the courier service (cash on delivery, credit card payment, SMS notification, delivery on a specific day, guaranteed the next day, etc.) and inquire about their costs, please call our colleagues at +36 20 29 29 29 7. Our logistics staff is happy to provide information.

Domestic delivery time

Our orders will be delivered to the recipient within 3 working days of the delivery of the goods.

Delivery time abroad

We will send the expected delivery and handover time to our customers in an order confirmation, which differs from country to country.

Groupage transport

The organization of delivery with our Groupage Partner will be started, primarily in the case of larger packaging units, larger order quantities, and goods subject to ADR.

Shipping costs

1 csomag nettó töltőtömege (kg) Net shipping cost (HUF)
1-6 kg 1.790
7- 20 kg 2.990
21- 60 kg 4.990
61- 100 kg 7.990
101- 200 kg 10.490
201- 300 kg 14.490
301- 400 kg 18.490
401- 480 kg 22.490
481- 700 kg 27.290
701- 900 kg 35.290
901- 960 kg 39.990
961- 1440 kg 47.990
1441- 1920 kg 61.990

If you order a larger quantity, our colleagues are at your disposal, please feel free to contact them with one of our contact details when requesting an offer!


the delivery is accompanied by a delivery note.


  • door-to-door delivery;
  • parcel delivery on working days;
  • package status can be tracked.

Domestic delivery time

Within 3-5 working days from the delivery of goods

Delivery time abroad

We will send the expected delivery and handover time to our customers in an order confirmation, which differs from country to country.

Except for access (special transport)

We can organize except for access transport only in the case of domestic transport.

Depending on the needs of our customers, the organization of the transport may be more advantageous in terms of time and cost-effectiveness. However, in case of special transport, we can deliver the goods to our partners in a single attempt, on a forecast day, in an expected time with a maximum waiting time of 30 minutes.

We will start the organization of the except for access transport if the transport by courier service and domestic, groupage transport is less advantageous and does not meet the needs of our partners.

E.g.: a technical error has occurred at our carrier’s partner, the goods cannot be picked up on time, delivery on time will take place for some reason, predicting it cannot be fulfilled due to the carrier’s fault, etc.

In such and/or similar cases, our company’s logistics staff reviews the given opportunities and capacities in order to be able to serve our partners flexibly, taking into account customer needs, efficiently and quickly.

We have the possibility to organize special transport in accordance with the law, in case of transport of dangerous goods not covered by ADR or covered by ADR, in case of free quantities.

The driver carrying out the transport is covered by section 1.3 of the ADR Regulation and is equipped in accordance with the relevant regulations.

The customer is considered a non-performance if, in the case of delivery by special transport, the customer does not receive the product on a given day, within the forecasted expected time interval.

The person performing the special transport can try the repeated special transport, after consultation by phone (at the given place and time), or, taking into account the customer’s needs, request domestic transport or courier delivery from our logistics staff, however, the cost of these deliveries will be charged to our customers.

If delivery by special delivery fails twice, due to customer non-performance, we will no longer be able to start delivery by special delivery to these customers.

Determination of the cost of special transport

It is done on the basis of an individual calculation, primarily depending on the distance and the quantity ordered. if the possibility of delivery by special purpose arises, our colleagues will send the cost of delivery to our customers in the order confirmation.


Delivery is accompanied by a delivery note.


  • Door to door delivery;
  • Parcel delivery on working days between 8 am and 5 pm, deviations from this are possible (according to customer requirements).

Delivery time

Orders will be delivered to the consignee within 3 working days after picking the product.

* “Limited Quantity”, i.e. dangerous goods packed in limited quantities, further information is available in the “ADR Information” section.