NANOSEPT AQUA is a new generation of modern disinfectants produced with nanotechnology. NANOSEPT® AQUA is a complex system. Non-ionic surfactants have a cleaning effect, while active oxygen has an immediate antimicrobial effect on surfaces and solutions in a very wide spectrum. This antimicrobial effect is spread over time by the silver particles for up to several days, which is confirmed by laboratory tests.

A NANOSEPT® AQUA általános professzionális és háztartási felhasználásra, valamint élelmiszerrel közvetlenül érintkező felületek és eszközök fertőtlenítésére is alkalmas illatmentes fertőtlenítőszer koncentrátum.

Advantages of disinfecting with silver particles in the new product:

  • immediate effect
  • long lasting effect
  • harmless to the environment: aldehyde and chlorine free
  • non-toxic after drying


1 kg bottle, 5 and 20 kg cans


  • hydrogen peroxide 5%
  • silver colloid <0.05%
  • non-ionic surfactant
  • distilled water

Physical and chemical properties:

  • Colorless, translucent, clear, odorless liquid
  • pH at 20 ° C: 2.5-3.0

Antimicrobial spectrum:

bactericidal (also kills MRSA), fungicide, sporicide, tuberculocide, virucid

Application concentration and exposure information »

Nanosept aqua
Nanosept aqua 20l


In addition to NANOSEPT®, it can be used in the following cases:

  • for the disinfection of equipment, containers, vessels, surfaces or pipelines connected with the production, storage or consumption of food or feed (including drinking water) intended for human or animal consumption
  • products used for the impregnation of materials which may come into contact with food
  • swimming pools
  • beverage bottlers
  • industrial water (eg cosmetics industry, glass production)
  • cooling water treatment / energy
  • surface disinfection
  • egg disinfection (against salmonella)


Always prepare a fresh solution before use. Do not mix with other cleaning agents or disinfectants. Increasing the efficiency of disinfection by cleaning the surface before application. Nanosept® Aqua can cause discoloration on surfaces, so it is advisable to perform a test before use.

Waste management:

Rinse the emptied packaging with water and treat it as municipal waste.


Store a properly closed bottle / can in a cool place protected from light and heat.


18 months

ÁNTSZ License:

455-4 / 2018 / KJFFO. Microbiological tests were performed by the National Epidemiological Center.

Manufacturer and Distributor:

Nanobakt Kft., 1031 Budapest, Drótos u. 1.,

Phone: +36 20 292 9297 – Fax: 36 1 242 1391 – E-mail: